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Nigerian-American Chamber harps on ease of doing business
  • Post by Admin on sunday, March 05, 2015

The Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce, NACC, on Tuesday said that for Nigeria to prosper economically, the ease of doing business has to be improved. Speaking this at the March 2017 NACC Business Dialogue, with the theme "Improving the Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria", the president of NACC, Chief Olabintan Famutimi, said the task of moving Nigeria up the ladder was daunting and depended on the abundance of the political will on the part of the government to achieve such an improvement.

He noted that there were key areas where businesses in Nigeria face challenges and which has greatly affected the ease of doing business. Famutimi said, "Despite Nigeria's available resources, it is still unable to meet up with the electricity demand.

The epileptic power supply throughout the country has hindered the growth of many businesses, especially within the manufacturing sector, as majority of these businesses have to run on generators, which is a huge burden on their overhead.

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